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Exit Interview Techniques

Exit InterviewAn Exit Interview is generally a one to one dialogue/discussion between the departing employee and his H.O.D./or H.R./ Senior Management Official of the Company, held before the employee actually leaves the Organisation.

At a fundamental level, the ‘EXIT INTERVIEW’ will bring forth revelations, some times un-expected, and basic reasons about, why an employee intends to leave.

At a broader level, it would provide valuable insights & up-front evaluation about the operations & work practices prevailing in the Company.


  1. It allows an un-inhibited feedback, which generally would not be forth coming if the employee was not to leave.
  2. Can be used as an effective means of leveraging a resignation – feedback would throw up areas of improvement, which the organization needs to look at.
  3. Can sometimes offer glimpse into your competitors strategies and work practices in other companies – which can be used as ‘bench mark’
  4. Lastly – as a Retention tool – it may throw-up possibilities of retaining the employee.

Method of Application

At the heart of the process, shall be a structured Questionnaire aimed at eliciting specific responses. These responses shall be analyzed by H.R. after which two/three crucial & key indicators would be zeroed on in each case. At the end of the quarter, a presentation on the vital common issues emerging out of all the responses shall be done and possible plan of action drawn up to rework on the valid issues.

  1. How long have you been associated with the Organisation?
  2. What was the nature of your job & was it satisfying?
  3. What has been your major contribution to the Organisation?
  4. Did you have ample scope to carry out your ideas in your area of work? Were you respected as an individual?
  5. What are the three positive elements/strengths you saw in the Organisation?
  6. What according to you are the areas of improvement in your work area?
  7. What are the two most crucial reasons for you to quit?
  8. How does your new job assignment compare with that in company name, in terms of job-role and compensation?
  9. What Changes would you like to see happening in Company name, if you were to consider joining us in future?
  10. Would you like to re-join the organization? Why? Why not?
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