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5 years of Living a Life on the Web Life

5 years of Living a Life on the Web Life

5 years ago this month, I thought to start a blog with some management theme —HR wale

I certainly didn’t know it would grow into the huge management professionals’ network, business and company it is today.

And the truth is, I still don’t know what it will eventually be.

But as I reflect back at this amazing period of my life, I wanted to share with you some lessons that have become incredibly apparent to me during this time period.


You Will Not See Where the Trail Goes until You Begin Walking It

Too many of us want all the answers when starting a blog, a new venture, or a business. But the answers aren’t meant to be known at the beginning, they’re meant to be discovered as we go.

The More You Write, the More You’ll Realize What You’re Really Trying to Say

When I started HRwale.com, I thought it was about “Human Resources Management” Then I thought it was about “blogging.” Then I thought it was about “HR Processes” But today, I realize it’s about something much deeper—It’s all about development of professionals from management field.

Communication is the Greatest Skill set of the 21st Century

Whether it’s personal or professional, the world is thirsting for GREAT communicators. As for me, I’ve really spent these last 5 years studying this subject and contemplating everything about it. Whether I’m reading an article, watching a video, speaking from a stage, or sitting in an audience—my mind is consumed with what makes for great communication versus what fails to make a connection. Furthermore, I firmly believe your ability to communicate will have more impact on your income than any skills, training, or “education” you’ll ever receive.


If You Try to Sound Smart, You’ll Look Stupid

Every single one of us, more than ever, has an internal gauge that is turned off by that person who is desperate to look smart to the rest of the world. But the most successful of us know the goal has nothing to do with appearing smart, but rather being understood. This, ultimately, is the essence of persuasion and influence.


Social Media Will Screw You Up if You Let It:

Yes, I’m being serious. Obsessing over the number of blog comments you’re getting will get you nowhere. Getting depressed over things such as likes, shares, and retweets is utterly detrimental to the soul. I’m not saying that social media doesn’t make a difference, because it can and often does, but good grief it has messed with the psyche, and success, of millions.

No Success Outside the Home Will Compensate for Failure Within the Home you for 5 amazing years!!

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    When i was studying MBA (HR) there is no proper Text Books are not available. But one day i found this website in google and started preparing for Exams. I have scored class topper in my class.

    Thank You very much. Now it is useful for Ph.D exams too.

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